Oct 10, 2013

Goggle BANNED me and my friends from Play Android Market

23.march.2014 update:
please sign this petition if it happened to you!

First excuse my english as i'm not a native english speaker ;) 
I really don't like Google's Nazi/Comunist style of enforcing their rules. Not only that there are a lot of good developers banned without any reason but also Google suspends the accounts of everyone that has ever been linked to you.

So, wether my brother come visited me and logged in on my pc to show me some stats, or wether my cousin connected on his laptop using my WiFi network they all got banned.

It all started when they suspended one app with the reason as they state it being the Violation of the System Interference provision of the Content Policy.

Now, don't get me wrong but what kind of interference could my Car Key app do when it has only one button that when pressed plays some sounds?

Ofcourse Google plays dead and won't answer my appeals and my questions, they just terminated all my accounts and my friends accounts and won't restore any of them.

This is their answer which equals to == 0

This is a notification that your Google Play Publisher account has been terminated.
REASON FOR TERMINATION: Prior violations of the Content Policy and Developer Distribution Agreement by this or associated accounts as outlined in previous emails sent to the registered email address(es) of the Publisher account(s).
Please note that Google Play Publisher suspensions are associated with developers, and may span multiple account registrations and related Google services. If you feel we have made an error, you can visit the Google Play Help Center article for additional information regarding this termination.
Do not attempt to register a new developer account. We will not be restoring your account at this time.
The Google Play Team

I have searched the forums for these kind of banning actions by Google and i was surprised to find that a great number of developers got banned any I think 90% of them don't know why. Google is keeping this for quite some time and they don't have the employees to ask for people's feedback on this. They just put some automated robots that scan your private computers and just take predefined actions. 

When a developer makes a mistake, they don't get an answer or guidance on their mistake, the sistem just terminates your app and possibly your account and as response you get a link to their vaguely written policies.

So, for google it does not matter that maybe you have 7 years of java and 3 years of android app development experience, they just throw you in the bucket with all the other offenders with no distinction between them.

Some of that banned developers will continue to publish apps on Google Play but will hide from Google, and this time they won't spend months to develop high quality games and apps, they will just throw spam apps that bring a profit to them. I've read about this, i've seen it, we all can see the porn and xxx and spamm shit apps it in the Play store and we all know that behind them is a banned developer.

So, i've read somwhere that google wants to make their Play market a high quality market free of crappy apps, but hey - they banned all the good developers ahah.. they're making with their own hands the crappy spamming apps. 

So, what's left for me to do now? Developing for play store was my business, my life, shall i just move to iOS? Shame of all my experience with android. 

It is not safe to do business with Google, you'll eventually get your accounts suspended and loose all your money, there is no stable income, no asurrances from Google as business partner. I have read about business owners that had to fire their employees because Google banned their accounts by whatever shit reason that only they know.. I guess sometimes they ban you if they just feel like it with no need for a good reason.. they're the boss, we're the slaves.

They provide people with all cool tools and software, but it's all a gamble, using them will only expose your personal and private actions. 
Have you ever checked your Google account dasboard? Did you see that they track down every login ip and location, browser, OS, even every word you ever seach with google, i was shocked to see all my lifetime google searches (about 6k) for the past 6 years.. jeez, probably they know where I shit last year in may ahahah :)

Oh, and did you read about the new policy? They shut down push ads and icon ads, basically taking us more than 60% income. They just want their own ad network AdMob to be the only one left. But hey, if you work with Admob you can get banned too haha, and more than this, you will loose all your pending money.. my friend lost 70000$ because google suspended his play account and his admob account too. They never said why and they just take his money and never gived him back. THAT'S GOOGLE. 
There are no rules for Google to obey, there are no enforcing laws for them to respect, they make the law! And we must be the sheeps that follow it to the letter with no questions asked, and if we dare to ask they just have a good meal with us.

The situation is crying out for a class-action lawsuit by NOT the ad networks (because it will be very hard to prove - since ad networks don't directly interact with Google) - it has to be a DEVELOPER class-action suit (possibly backed by ad networks with their cash) - to open up the developer banning process and more importantly to institute an un-banning procedure.

The reason this has not been done so far is because the ad networks are not directly linked to Google - and so they have chosen to ride for free off the backs of developers who have had to face the fire from Google.

Unfortunately (for the ad networks) this will not go on for much longer now. As developers (facing a situation not unlike real-life life-and-death where if you are "dead" you are "dead" - unless you believe in reincarnation) - here if as a developer Google says (with a stroke on the bottom of their chin) that "you are dead to me" - then you are dead. 

Google will track you via IP, e-mail, gmail and in every conceivable way (no doubt gotten some confidence from having worked with the government on similar lines perhaps) - and they will identify repeat developers.

The point being that if there is ANY indication that a new developer is remoted linked to an earlier developer - that is suitable reason to be banned. There is NO COST to Google.

The developer must wear the letter "A" (for "asshole" I assume in Google's eyes) once they are condemned by Google.

Ad networks will not be able to themselves get their practices "qualified" by Google - because for one they are competitors (Google's Admob - and ads IS Google's main business) - and secondly such qualification would necessarily RESTRICT ad networks' ability to innovate/modify (as each change would require qualification at Google).

What is clearly required to break this impasse is GREATER developer control of the situation - and that means some developer group needs to SUE Google to gain access to the Google Play store - or if nothing else to REQUIRE (by Court order) that Google establish some processes for how developers are judged/reinstated etc. OR (horror of horrors) to ensure that every Android ships with a competing app store.

I think REALISTICALLY that is what is eventually going to happen - if sufficient challenge is mounted - the likely solution IS going to be the creation of alternate App Stores and their promotion - or a REQUIREMENT that any mobile device sold in U.S. (as court could only force for a certain region) has to include a competing App Store.

This exposes another weakness in this whole situation - as it unearths another player - the mobile phone manufacturers - eventually the solution will have to come from them including multiple App Stores. But they have not figured into our discussion above. So rather than go after Google, perhaps the answer is to INSTEAD go after (I know this would be non-obvious to some) the mobile manufacturers and to force them to include multiple App Stores on their phones.

This raises further questions - the quality of alternative app stores - and mobile phone manufacterers will understandably mount a challenge to this. The ones which COULD have legitimate claim to being "safe" app stores are: Amazon, Samsung, GetJar

So the solution (oddly enough) would be ad networks forcing (via developer front group perhaps) the mobile phone manufacturers to ship mobile phones with new App Store alternatives already in place.

This will have the double-advantage of curtailing a potential threat from mobile manufacturers - a tendency to move towards proprietary app stores (where they can charge exhorbitant cuts of the developer revenue etc.).

Now, if anyone feels betrayed by GOOGLE and knows some gatherup forums post a comment, maybe we can do something about it. 

Contact me at furioussoftware@gmail.com for more info.

Enjoy your accounts whyle you still got them, but eventually everyone gets banned sooner or later!

PS: share this on facebook, twitter, whatever, people must know, only we can stop them by being united. No army Google or whatever's can put up with the people.